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A new generation homes and buildings makes it possible to
Live in tune with nature
Offgridable - Extreme Weather Resilient - Eco friendly

«Each year 217 million people are affected by natural disaster, 45 billion USD was lost to extreme weather in the US in 2019, and the building sector accounts for 40% of our global climate emissions.
We need to bring about a new legacy for humanity and our future generations. This in order to make sure that mankind leaves a different footprint on Mother Earth, based on a deeper understanding of nature, love and consciousness.

TRIPOD HOUSE™ anchors these principles and brings light and nature into your beautiful home.»

Susanne Heart

TRIPOD Tiny.png


  • 280 ft2 /26m2

  • 2 floors

  • Fold-out multi-functional living / cooking / sleeping room

  • 1 Bathroom

  • Recharge Room

  • Solar panels

  • Grey water recycling option

  • Off-grid toilet option

TRIPOD Compact night.png


  • 850 ft2 /80m2

  • 3 floors

  • 2 bedrooms

  • 1 bathroom

  • Kitchen / Dining

  • Recharge Room

  • Solar panels

  • Grey water recycling option

  • Off-grid toilet option

TRIPOD Luxor.png


  • 1900 ft2 /180m2

  • 4 floors

  • Recharge Room

  • 4 bedrooms

  • 2 bathrooms

  • Kitchen / Dining

  • Solar panels

  • Grey water recycling option

  • Off-grid toilet option

Your safe home

Climate change is increasing the number and intensity of hurricanes and strong winds. Regular houses often fall apart or weaken during extreme weather events. TRIPOD HOUSE™ has a rigid crystalline structure, very low center of gravity and a wind-deflecting profile, which makes it more tornado- and hurricane-resilient. 

Natural disasters affects people in large parts of the world each year due to flooding, storms, wild fires, earth quakes and heavy snowfall. There is a good chance governments and insurance companies will start rewarding your safer home, and therefore making it more affordable for anyone or everyone in the process. 


Your flexible home

Coastal erosion and rising waters cause houses to be written-off and abandoned. TRIPOD HOUSE is easier than traditional homes to de-install, transport and reinstall - if needed.

The homes can also be delivered with extra equipment based on needs such as:

  • Fire protection systems for risk-areas based on the unique form

  • Snow load protection for risk-areas based on the unique form

  • Flooding protection for risk-areas sealing lower part of house as a "boat"

  • Earth-quake protection for risk-areas using shock absorption in the 3 "legs"

  • Hurricane protection systems for risk-areas based on the unique form

  • Integrated smart furniture-systems inside and outside

  • In-house vertical farming for food production

  • Off-grid energy production using thermic/solar, batteries and green hydrogen storage 


Your uplifting home

So far, most of us have been living and working in "box-similar" houses and buildings. TRIPOD HOUSE™’s crystalline forms opens up to new possibilities. Experiencing the unique angles and dimensions inside catches the attention with an upward-facing gaze, and gives a magnificent sense of space. In traditional designs, sunlight penetrates your home poorly, unless you have giant windows.

TRIPOD HOUSE™’s windows are designed so that more natural light reaches further into the space of the tripod, while the window angles make an increased privacy. In a 
TRIPOD HOUSE™ you let the nurturing feeling of nature into your rooms. 

T200-V2-iE1-0068 utsikt 2.jpg

Your offgridable© home

Modern houses are often built to be dependent upon centralized energy, water supplies and waste water disposal. All TRIPOD HOUSE™ are Offgridable©, which means the same product can be installed in either the back-woods or the suburbs, and be as connected or disconnected as you want to the grid.

Make it your own declaration of independence! 

  • Renewables-ready

  • Water recycling-ready

  • Off-grid service annex-ready

  • Solar integrated design

T3-V1-U-0115 TP Compact in the mountains REVISED no.4.jpg

Your eco-friendly home

Normally, construction groundwork tends to destroy soil ecosystems. With our TRI-PILE™ foundation and TRIPOD HOUSE™’s self-supporting structure, 95% of the topsoil-destruction is avoided.

Modern structural design and architectural "finishes" are dependent on using non-sustainable raw materials, like moulded plastics and concrete, which are often transported over long distances. These factors help explain why today’s construction industry accounts for almost 40% of carbon emissions. TRIPOD HOUSE™ can use locally-sourced sustainable materials, whenever possible, using licensed producers, which means short-hauled.


Your high-value home

With at least 14 corners to construct, strengthen and maintain, a normal house structure consumes unnecessary time, materials and insurance premiums over its lifetime, which take away from its value. The unique TRIPOD HOUSE™ has just four corners.

  • 15% fewer materials per square foot

  • Low maintenance

  • Unique, iconic design

  • Just four corners

2020-08-11 12.07.40.jpg

Your custom design home

Create your own unique finishing-style for your home by combining your preferred design- and functionality-panels as you like it best. Examples could be:

  • Nordic wood

  • Solar / PVT

  • Living greens

  • Recycled materials 

  • Functional walls

T4-V1-U-0105 nattutsikt.jpg

Become a proud TRIPOD HOUSE owner

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A new solution for the building industry: 

The TRIPOD SYSTEM replaces the load-bearing system inside almost any shape of building.
Stronger. Quicker. Less material. Flexible. Green.

TRIPOD SYSTEM™ is a three-dimensional alternative load-bearing system for construction that simplifies many of the most expensive, time-consuming and climate-damaging processes in the traditional construction industry.


The technology has the potential to renew the way one constructs buildings - through strong structures based on tetrahedral construction in a crystalline scalable form. This alternative solution will reduce emissions in the construction industry and at the same time open up for greater architectural freedom in relation to the location of wind bracing as well as in the design of stair systems and elevator shafts.


Architects will be able to use the TRIPOD SYSTEM™ for the entire load-bearing system of buildings, which will have the potential to create new exciting solutions. The patent-pending technology is a three-dimensional support system for buildings, where each unit is designed as a triangular pyramid of glulam or steel beams.


The system is quick to set up on the construction site and thus contributes to shorter construction time. In the areas of the building where TRIPOD SYSTEM™ is used - one will in many cases be able to reduce the need for load-bearing walls - which in turn opens up for a more flexible use of the building.


TRIPOD SYSTEM™ consists of triangular pyramids of glulam or of steel beams that are assembled using couplings supplied in a TP-Kit (one kit for each pyramid that is built together). 


A TP-Kit consists of:


  • one TP headpiece (“Primary Joint”)

  • three TP sockets ("Junction Portions»)

  • three TP shoulder pieces ("Mountings") per floor

  • three TP shoe pieces when mounting on a foundation


The TP head piece gathers the three corner posts at the top of each pyramid like a three-armed roof truss. The headpiece will also serve as a foundation for the next pyramid (located above) via one of the TP sockets and a TP shoe piece. The TP sockets also connect each of the corner posts to two of the bottom posts.


The building can be founded in points instead of the traditional foundation wall. The TP sockets are then connected to the TP shoe pieces that are attached to the point foundations in the three corners.


TRIPOD SYSTEM™ ensures a cohesive surface on the building, regardless of shape. 

International patent pending:

«Triangular pyramidal structure, a system and method for fabricating same»


  • International PCT/NO2020/050199 

  • USA nr. 17/631,757 /  Docket No.1935-00738 

  • Europe 20846681.3

  • Norway nr. 20200859 

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